A great battle of WWII took place on the Island of Attu, sovereign American soil, territory of Alaska during the period 11 May to 29 May 1943. Both the American and Japanese forces suffered losses of staggering proportions.

It culminated in a massive banzai attack by nearly 1,000 Japanese soldiers led by Colonel Yasuyo Yamazaki at Engineer Hill on 29 May 1943.

Once it was over, 549 Americans of the U.S. 7th Infantry Division and the fighting 4th Infantry Regiment of the Alaska Defense Force had been killed in action during this 19 day battle. Over 250 on Engineer Hill alone. 1,148 had been wounded and 2,100 were casualties of the severe weather which plagues Attu in winter.

1,851 soldiers of the Empire of Japan were killed in battle and when it was realized the battle was lost, nearly 500 more committed suicide by placing a live grenade to their belly or head. Only 29 were captured.

On July 4, 1943, men who had remained on the island assembled at Little Falls Cemetery to say their final farewell to these men or valor – heroes all!

Major Charles G. Fredericks read Roll Call of the honored dead.

Lieutenant Colonel Glen A. Nelson spoke of the horrors of war.

A Sergeant sang “My Buddy”.

Chaplain Habetz gave a prayer of remembrance and sacrifice in which he sanctified the entire battlefield area as “Hallowed Ground”.

After the volley, the last note of “taps” echoed over the mountains. Then it was over.

Captain Robert C. Foulston started to give the order “Forward March”, but the word “March” stuck in his throat.

With chins clamped hard and wet eyes blinking, the silent fighting men marched off the field.

It had been paid for. Attu was again, ours.



Bennett, William P. Eufaula

Bradshaw, Charles Montgomery

Bragdon, Ernest Mobile

Doing, Neal Bessmer

Gurganus, John Jasper

Smith, Bert Lannett

Stevens, Raymond Birmingham

Sufhe, Cecil Anniston

Tanhershey, James Cullman

Wright, Floyd Prattville


Browne, Levi Anchorage

Sands, Lonnie Anchorage

Sano, William Naknak

Tanhershey, James Cullman


Daniel, Edward Florence


Alverson, Charles Barling

Anderson, Walter Moro

Bone, Charles Gurdon

Brown, Clatus Pine Bluff

Gowans, David Mack

Howell, John Little Rock

Price, George Genoa

Smith, Ernest Silver

White, George Bonnerdale


About, Joseph Sunnyvale

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Avilla, Ernest Gilroy

Avilla, Julio W. Hollywood

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Bassett, John San Deigo

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Bogdanoff, Fred Los Angeles

Borello, Carlo Oakland

Bradley, Dean San Francisco

Bresch, Ernest Carmel

Buckhanna, Charles San Diego

Buffum, Dudley Johnstonville

Cantrell, Leslie Selma

Chong, Donald San Luis Obispo

Clark, Laurence Paso Robles

Colombo, Enzo San Leandre

Crane, Robert Oakland

Cunha, Joseph Phehaluma

Curry, Garland Strathmore

Davis, Thadius Tranquillity

Deras, Lou Los Angeles

Dias, Joseph Santa Clara

Dittenbir, Edwin Sanger

Dorroe, William Oakland

Earle, Colonel Edward P. Monterey Comdr, 17th Infantry Reg

Edwards, Gale Anamosa

Ellis, Robert Riverside

Einersen, Glen Eureka

Evensen, Emil Ft Bragg

Fairover, Stephen Placerville

Faria, Carl Campbell

Ferrando, C.D. San Francisco

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Fish, Lt. Col. James Carmel *Jim Fish Valley

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Jensen, Albert Petaluma

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Lueder, Bill Half Moon Bay

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McDonald, Patrick Alaneda

McKaon, Chris San Francisco

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Minor, Oscar San Jose

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Moreno, John Hanford

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Westerburg, Nils San Francisco

Wunsch, Harold Monravia

Youdhewitz, Rueben Los Angeles

Zepeda, Francisco Los Angeles

Zwingo, Theodore Stockton


Martinez, Joseph Pvt Ault Awarded posthumously the Medal of Honor [Joe was killed in action 26 May 1943] They named a mountain after him on Attu in his honor.

Sutton, George Colorado Springs


Crinock, George Shelton

Kohn, Harold Hartford


Lutz, George Wilmington


Guttery, Bert Daytona Beach

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Nelson, Irwin Batavia

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Myers, Harry Baltimore

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Benner, Rex Boston

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Clevesy, Lt. Samuel W. Medford *Clevesy Pass

Elwell, Lloyd Leominster

Gadbois, Row St. Spencer

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Ballentine, Kenneth Davison

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Bettin, Frank Parker’s Prairie

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Olson, Earl Detroit Lakes

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Perry, Arno Deer River

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Steinback, Clarence Fairfax

Stephenberg, Kenneth Pennach

Steil, Wilfred St. Cloud

Syhara, Burdett Windom

Ryberg, Clayborne Conter City

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Clardy, Eugene Yazoo City

Pannell, Prontiss Marion

Rawis, William Collins

Taylor, Carroll Woodville


Ballanger, G.E. Greentop

Bennett, William Sedalia

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Chaney, Dewey Sedalia

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Kimball, Lewis Stet

Lane, Cecil Kansas City

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Winston, Orville St. Louis

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Beedie, Robert Teigen

Derana, Val Butte

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Brown, Lyle Haggler

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Anaya, B. N. Santa Fe

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Austin, Emory New York City

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Cavanaugh, William Long Island

Cole, Francis Cato

Ember, Charles Mt. Vernon

Galati, Ross Brooklyn

Goshman, Carl Brooklyn

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Leussler, James New York City

Lynch, Joseph Bronx

Russo, John Brooklyn

San Filipo, S. A. Amsterdam

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Van Wagoner, Don Crackett

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Powell, Joseph Whiteville

Whitaker, Carlton Raleigh


Baker, Bert Hazelton

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Blezien, Elmer Battle View

Burkle, Milbert Weevick Lake

Calheim, Raymone Mercer

Crudin, Willis N. Fargo

Dionne, Louis Belcourt

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Ennis, Vernie Donnybrook

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Willnan, Leonard Donnelly


Barker, Elsa Germantown

Bohnlein, Thomas Delphos

Cullinan, Paul Youngstown

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Kochman, S. Cleveland

Kowalski, Thaddeus Cleveland

Lent, Kenneth Lower Salem

Little, Robert Columbus

Manning, Ned Clarksville

Petres, Joseph Mansfield

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Rozuh, Raymond Cleveland

Rukusan, Victor Cleveland

Seifert, George Arlington

Schroth, George Anamantle

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Washburn, Kenneth Springfield


Anderson, Woodrow Hochatown

Robbins, Kelly Snow

Schoonover, Thomas Biner

Scott, Robert Hitcnunck


Fields, Glen Bonanaza

McGee, Eugene Portland

Phillips, Lloyd Portland


Bates, David Lathrope

Blozevich, Charles St. Michael

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Doyle, David Philadelphia

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Kristick, Nicolas Vandergift

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Murphy, Walter Pittston

Obodzinski, Edward New Castleboro

Paulson, W. Bethlehem

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Sadashi, Walt Mayfield

Shipman, Donovan N. Braddock

Teugher, John Wilkinsburg


Jastezbski, Steven Central Falls

Korzen, Max Central Falls

Wyman, Newell Edgewood


Bracknell, Henry McCormick

Brown, John Converse

Hunter, James West Pelzer

Millwood, Vernard Spartanburg

Royster, Jack Townville


Ferguson, Fred Armour

Garvie, Keith Yankton

Harwood, Alvin Elm Springs

Huska, Rex Aurora

Orro, August Clane City

Sahmel, W. O. Hurley

Sharp, Lyle Milbore

Stack, William Letcher

Swason, Gordan Carson


Allison, James Monroe

Beamer, Jessie Chattanooga

Campbell, Joe Oliver Springs

Dixon, Glen Philadelphia

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Lloyd, Wallace Spring City

Luffman, Charles Tharps

McClintock, Robert Cornersville

Morell, Jessie Memphis

Pennington, Will Hilham

Pitt, Henry Memphis

Price, Jessie Decater

Scott, Estel Dresden

Turner, Guy Baliner

Wilson, C. J. Buena Vista

Wilson, Earl Memphis


Acosta, Jesus El Paso

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Castillo, Juan Pharm

Deeds, Thomas Winchell

Elrod, Grover New Boston

Gagina, John San Antonio

Hail, Fred San Antonio

Hammons, Robert Houston

Hood, Houer Amarillo

Irwin, Rance Houston

Janac, Joe Snook

Lively, Thomas Huntsville

Marquez, Pilar Fabens

McWhorten, Clifford Athens

Messer, Chester Farmersville

Moore, John White Deer

Murchison, Duane Buchannan

Nieto, Enrique Floresville

Olson, Charles Beaumont

Pacheco, Juan Pleasanton

Stice, Dale Beeville


Baker, William Wood Cross

Gaither, Camp Salt Lake City

Kanell, Leo Salt Lake City

Rands, John Ogden

Sanborn, Francis W. Spanish Park

Thomas, Arthur Salt Lake City


Lane, John Fairfax

Richardson, Bill Harrison


Baughman, William Tekoa

Beirlein, William Spokane

Bergland, Gerald Seattle

Deffinbaugh, Larry Spokane

Ellis, Robert Kelso

Gorman, Herbert Bremerton

Howard, William Kirkland

Norland, Melvin Tacoma

Pease, Joseph Spokane

Shellenburger, Dale Toppenish

Rehfeld, William Vancouver


Ash, Denver Robertsburg

Austin, Harold Fairmont

Jalascic, John Wheeling

Ruhy, Silman Alum Creek

Sidell, Bruce Morgantown

Warden, Basil Abney


Bennett, Robert Townsend

Carroll, William Eland

Elwood, Charles Baraboo

Falkowski, Frank Stevenspoint

Gruefe, Cletus Appleton

Heckendorn, Gordan Oconomowoc

Keiser, Victor Sheboygan

Luehring, Frederick Burnette

Oswald, Warren Greenwood

Rombeck, Walter Wansan

Smith, Kenneth Ladysmith

Stark, Robert Waukeaka

Wanta, Hubert Stephens Point

Zitzelbug, M. F. Almena


Baker, Walter

Dougherty, Donald

Wiltshire, Jack Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

*Certain locations on Attu were re-named after the battle to honor both living and dead American soldiers.

"Watch the movie and if you agree that the Japanese Memorial should be moved off Engineer Hill please sign the petition. It is an atrocity and reflects a complete and shameful disrespect of our soldiers who fought there on Attu, Alaska. I watched this movie when it was released on PBS several years ago. I had the opportunity to talk to Bill Jones and vowed that I would support any and all efforts to remove this memorial from the sacred ground where our soldiers were massacred. All veterans should be outraged. All Americans should be demanding that our government right this wrong. All of these men were heros and they died for you and me. Please do not let their suffering be in vain." -Karen Montgomery
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